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How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT. Doing some high intensity interval training will burn your fat faster and is very time efficient. Not only does your body burn calories during this training, it keeps eliminating them after the workout.

lose weight sprinting


You need to get some cardiovascular work to burn calories. During the first 20 minutes of cardio your body will primarily burn off carbs. After the 20 minute mark your body decides to go after the stored fat in your body. Don’t neglect your weight training though, as it trains a different type of muscle fiber. Sprinting uses your fast twitch muscles and increases your metabolism.

Lift Weights

Want to know why it’s important to lift weights when trying to lose weight fast? The more lean muscles you have, the faster you burn fat. This is because fat is burned inside of your muscles. This is also why men can lose weight quicker than women, they tend to have more muscle mass.

drink more water

Drink Water (only)

Stop drinking those terrible carbonated drinks. No more Coca-cola and Mountain Dew. Stop drinking all that beer. Drink water, and only water. Already drink water? Drink more.
What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast for Men

This is one of the most, if not most, important aspects of losing weight. Eating right is the difference between getting and staying fit, or being fat forever. Create a meal plan so that you can plan what you eat in advance. This will cut down your poor food decisions based off of immediate hunger or cravings. Try to eat more at home, and less “outside” food.

Eat Less Carbs, More Protein, Fats and Vegetables

This piggybacks off the “eat healthy” tip above, but it needs to be said.

Eat Correctly

It seems like nowadays most people know this, but in case you don’t: Eating three huge meals a day is NOT good. Eating smaller meals more frequently is much better. Not only do you stay full the entire day, your metabolism also stays active. Don’t forget about your healthy snacks either. And don’t skip breakfast!

Play Sports

Want to lose weight, get in shape AND have fun? Pick up a sport, or play a pick up game. With sports you’re not usually only running in a straight and constant manner. When playing a sport such as basketball, soccer or football you’ll be doing a lot of jumping, back pedaling, and cutting. All this is much more productive (and less boring).

Avoid Trying to Lose Spots of Weight

Everyone has seen that guy at the gym doing 100 sets of 50 crunches to lose his stomach fat. This is largely a waste of time. Stop trying to lose weight in a specific part of your body – that’s not how it works.

Don’t Worry About Numbers

Stop checking the scale everyday. If you’re doing everything right you WILL lose weight. However, you will only demotivate yourself if you look at the scale because you won’t likely be seeing giant drops in your weight. This is because while you’re losing fat, you’ll be gaining muscle weight. Your only scale should be the mirror, which is where you’ll notice the best results.

document your weight loss

Document Yourself

Track your weight loss. Take pictures of yourself every week or month so that you can see your progress. Not only do you see what works and what doesn’t, it can be a huge motivator when seeing real results. You can even share it on social media to get others motivated.

Switch Your Routines Up

Don’t ever get complacent in your workout schedule. If your routine has become law, it’s time to change up. You need to keep your body guessing. Your body is a smart vessel, and it will catch on and adapt to your normal workout. You’ll notice your results start to slow. This means you’ve hit a plateau. Change your workout at least every couple months.

Get a Weight Loss Partner

Also known as a workout buddy. Someone with similar goals to yourself is someone who you can learn from and/or teach. Regardless of either of your experience you will be able to motivate each other. A good workout partner will keep you accountable for missing workouts, and encourage you to make good, healthy decisions.


Just like Nike says, just do it! Stop being lazy and take action! Nobody else is going to lose weight FOR you! And you have no excuses now, because you just got a ton of great easy tips on how to lose weight fast for men!

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Top Notch Beauty Makeup Suggestions To Boost Your Confidence!

Some people may claim that beauty pageants are degrading to girls, but nothing could be further from the truth. Beauty pageants do more good, including helping with community issues and having scholarship applications. Keep reading for many tips and methods to enhance your natural beauty.

Keep eye drops you constantly use in your desk or your bag. This can help your eyes glisten through the day and make you not look tired. Looking at a computer all-day also can make your eyes red and having eye drops will help that.

New products know as mattifying lotions are ideal for any makeup kit simply because they can be used everywhere on the skin that appears smooth from excessive oils. These creams often have a gel consistency or a creamy and can be applied without a mirror; in addition, it gives a clean base where your makeup will be applied.

Make your nail polish thinner. You can make your nails look like you just had a manicure and last longer with a base coat, 2 coats of color and a top coat. This can give a sleek look which will last for at least 2-3 weeks to your nails.

If you have round eyes, you can elongate them by adjusting your eyeliner application. The outer two-thirds of upper lash lines and your lower should be covered with a dark brown boat. The 2 lines must match in the outside part of every eye. Finally, use two layers of mascara for your outer upper lashes.

Stick to a plan for maximum beauty benefit. You don't have to schedule everything; however you do have to schedule your meals. Research shows that people stay longer, and those who are consistent with their routines concerning drink and food, look years younger, than people that are irregular with their eating habits.

Look down inside the mirror, while applying eye shadow with your Kabuki brush. Do your best to keep from putting pressure or taking on your eyelids. You can certainly do this flawlessly if you look down while using. This will enable you to see your lids obviously and never having to touch them.

From smudging to applying your eyeliner, apply your eye shadow along with your eyeliner with a wet cotton wool tip. This can help you to keep your look for the whole day without your eyeliner coming off or making scars under your eyes. Everybody loves the look when they first use their eyeliner, which could keep that look going strong.

Use petroleum jelly daily to have comfortable feet. It is less costly than every other skin moisturizer and it works as well. Many times per week apply it to all of the rough areas on your own feet. It will prevent peeling and chafing, and the feet will be healthy and easy, before you know it.

If you use your own hair in a ponytail generally, transfer the end of the ponytail around every now and then to stop hair breakage. Friction and continuous tension in the same area of the hair length could damage hair, but by placing the flexible or rubber band in different roles, the same locations are prevented from being applied repeatedly.

Ensure you clean your vegan makeup brushes every week to keep your makeup fresh and avoid dull colors. Your bathroom sink that is filled with heated water with a tad of baby shampoo is an excellent place for do the brush cleaning. Wash off all soap residues and allow them to air dry overnight. This will help eliminate bacteria which makes the brushes dirty and can cause acne.

If you want your skin to stay healthy, use sunscreen. Although many people apply sunscreen in the summer, if you want to keep the skin wrinkle-free, it's also advisable to wear sunscreen throughout the winter. The face and both hands are the places your skin is most at risk during winter.

As stated at the start of this post, some individuals view beauty pageants as degrading to girls, and believe they must be stopped. After reading this article, ideally, you'll concur that this is the furthest point from the truth. Beauty pageants improve relationships inside the area, making them extremely valuable and worth keeping around and build confidence in women.